By Henry Barsch ‘20

It has been a very long decade for the South Side.

Over the last 12 years, the Chicago White Sox have not made the playoffs once. Not one time. But this year showed me that there is hope in our storied franchise for the upcoming decade.

As a younger White Sox fan, I cannot remember the last time the White Sox made the postseason. I have no memories of 2005, and no memories of the infamous “blackout” game of 2008. I have never known White Sox success. Until now.

The 2019 White Sox were really something special. Not because they have won anything, but because of their potential going into the 2020’s. When January 1st, 2020 arrives, it is a new decade – a chance to start anew.

The White Sox really had quite the season for themselves this year. After failing to break 70 wins the previous two seasons, the White Sox ended this year 72-89. But this losing record is not what made the White Sox wonderful this year: it was the players.

This year, there are many statistics that the White Sox can take pride in. Outfielder Eloy Jimenez had a 31 home run season, a good start for the rookie. Third baseman Yoan Moncada, a player who battled adversity at the plate last season, hit at a mark of .315 this season. That is good enough for third overall in the American League. Pitcher Lucas Giolito had a career year, posting a 3.41 ERA with 14 wins, along with an All-Star appearance. Catcher James McCann and first baseman Jose Abreu also received All-Star nods. Lastly, shortstop Tim Anderson lead the AL and MLB in batting, with an average of .335. For the non-baseball oriented, these statistics are very impressive.

Louis Stepanek, a White Sox fan from Oak Lawn, had a lot to say about the 2019 season. He was very impressed by Tim Anderson’s play, and said, “He brings a certain kind of swagger, a hot bat, and a great defense to the plate, and the future is bright with him leading the team.”

Louis also said, “Great leadership paired with years of rebuilding should make for an interesting turnaround for a once great franchise.”

Obviously, the South Side is hungry and ready for success to come back to their side of town, especially after watching the North Side’s Cubs win the World Series in 2016.

Now, with all the pieces seeming to come together, White Sox fans look on to the 2020 free agency, where procuring a good pitching rotation to support Lucus Giolitio is a must.

For the White Sox in the 2020s, anything short of a World Series would be a disappointment.