By Connor Mahay ’22

The 2022 Polar Plunge is coming up on Sunday, March 6. The Polar Plunge is a charity event that benefits the Special Olympics of Chicago and the Special Children’s Charities. Each group that participates in this event must have every member raise $200 in donations. All members that plunge receive a Polar Plunge shirt that is provided by the city of Chicago.

It is a fantastic event that benefits two great charities. However, the event was canceled last year due to Covid-19. The city of Chicago has elected to have the event returned with restrictions, and Brother Rice plans to have another team with another McAuley this year. Steps to join the group are in Mr. Prunckle’s weekly update emails.

Senior Rolando Sepulveda plans to plunge this year with his family. He said, “My family is super excited to do it this year. We were supposed to do it last year but it got canceled.”

It is Rolando’s first year participating in the event, which means it will be the first time experiencing the freezing cold temperatures of Lake Michigan. The feeling of diving into the water is unlike any other.

Senior Nicholas Daugherty plunged with the Brother Rice baseball team in 2020. He said, “It was a really fun time to hang out with the team. The weather was pretty nice out, but once you hopped in the water it was freezing.”

Senior Jack Lausch also participated in the Polar Plunge in 2020. He said, “It was really cool to be with my teammates and plunge for a good cause. It was definitely a special experience.”

The event in Chicago is held at North Avenue Beach along Lake Michigan. It is a wonderful event that is surrounded by the best people in the city. There are hot chocolate stands, food trucks, and food sample stations all over the beach. There are stands on each side of the entrance and exit from the water that are filled with a hundred people each cheering the plungers on. These people sit out in the cold all day to cheer each group on as they dive into the freezing Lake Michigan water.

The 2022 Polar Plunge will no doubt be another great experience, especially after last year’s event was canceled.