By Jimmy Gilmartin ‘23

The NBA regular season has wrapped up, and it looks like some exciting playoffs are here. This season is unlike the past few. There is not one clear champion like there has been for a long time with the superteam era.

Senior Brendan McCarthy said, “I’m really looking forward to watching these playoff games; there hasn’t been any exciting basketball since March Madness.”

The top teams this season have been the Bucks, Celtics, Nuggets, and Grizzlies. The Warriors, Heat, and Lakers are some sleeper teams to look out for.

Senior Jack Brouder said,“I think the Heat are a team to really look out for. Playoff Jimmy is a different Jimmy.”

I think that the Celtics are a lock to win the Eastern Conference. If the Lakers and Warriors can get past their tough first round matchups, they will go far in the West.

Senior Ben McMurray said, “I’m really hoping the Kings win it all. Their team hasn’t had much success over the years, and it looks like they finally turned things around.”

The playoffs are always filled with lots of buzzer beaters and the NBA’s top players competing at their best. It’s going to be awesome watching these teams battle it out until the finals in June.