By Jimmy Navarrete ‘23

Draft season is upon us! This is the time when all NFL fan bases wait patiently to see who will wear their team colors next season. This time can either make or break a fan base’s spirit. We Chicago Bear fans know this feeling, almost too well, flashing back to when we drafted Kevin White, a wide receiver out of West Virginia University. He got hurt a couple of times; I don’t know what he’s up to today. The draft pick can go the other way, and we end up with a stud like Justin Fields, who I am a believer in.

The NFL draft is this Thursday, April 27, through Saturday the 29th. This draft class is pretty talented; we have the big name superstars like Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Will Anderson Jr., and many more high level players. The Carolina Panthers have the first pick, and they desperately need a young quarterback. They need someone who can make plays right out the gate. You can honestly flip a coin on whether to draft Bryce Young or CJ Stroud; they are both that good.

Junior Tommy Scott shares his opinion on Bryce Young: “He will be the next Russel Wilson.”

The best offensive lineman in this draft is Peter Skoronski out of Northwestern. This dude is a beast. He had a very impressive NFL combine making him the top man in the position. He is NFL ready. Another guy I really like is offensive lineman Paris Johnson Jr. from Ohio State. For his size, he has a lot of mobility and is extremely athletic. I really hope this guy falls at the ninth pick to the Bears.

Junior Cale Cosme shared his thoughts on who he wants the Bears to select: ”The Bears need protection on the offensive line-the pick should be Paris Johnson Jr.”

I’ve already talked about the big name superstars in this draft; now, I am going to introduce some sleepers that could make noise in the NFL. The first guy on my list is going to be defensive lineman Bryan Bresee out of Clemson. He has a big frame and has great technique; with the right coaching staff this guy could be an animal!

The next guy is Darnell Washington, a tight end from Georgia, who is listed at 6 foot 8. That is crazy size for a tight end. His body is already ready for the NFL; if he can develop his catching ability, he is going to be a nightmare for defenses. These are some of my takeaways from the 2023 NFL draft.

Senior Andrew Hoefler said, “This year’s draft is a stacked wide receiver class.”