By Rudy Perez ‘24

The 2024 Brother Rice Stock Market Challenge kicked off on Friday, Feb. 2. This is a chance for kids that take finance classes, or anyone who has interest in stocks, to show off their investment skills.

This is the second year the Investment Club has run the event, and there is almost double the amount of kids this year. There are 364 Crusaders in the challenge, and the number grows every day.

Senior Sean Curran said, “This year’s challenge is better because it is a lot more user friendly compared to last year.”

Each student is given $250,000 to begin. Then, it is their job to make as much money as possible. The simulator makes students able to short, buy, and sell whatever stocks they want.

The current leader is ahead by more than $70,000 with $365,958.02. The challenge is not over until the beginning of May, so there is still time for someone else to become the king of investments.

Junior Kris Love said, “My strategy is investing in the most popular brands first, and then investing in the smaller ones last.

The Brother Rice Stock Market Challenge is also a great way to prepare students for the real world. Students are forced to make their own decisions and see what happens to their stocks in real time.

The top four finishers also get a prize, which increases the competition’s competitive nature. Fourth place wins a $25 gift card, third place gets a $50 gift card, second place, a $75 gift card, and the winner will receive a $100 gift card.

Senior Seamus Hanley said, “If I win the $100 prize, I would invest it into my own stock portfolio.”

It will be a battle until the very last day to see who will come out on top, but only one Crusader can be crowned the 2024 Brother Rice Stock Market Challenge winner.