By Sean Maloney ‘22

On Friday, the track and field team was split in half for the 5th Annual Crusader Duel. Captains Julius Lujano and Jack Antonson of Team J squared off against captains Sean Maloney and Sean McNally of Team SM.

On Wednesday, the captains split and drafted their teams. A lot of trash talk occurred in the week leading up to the meet.

“We’re by far the more athletic team. The result won’t end up being close,” said Rory Cusack ‘23.

Members of Team J felt a little different. Boasting the top athletes in the shot, pole vault, and hurdles, Team J thought they’d power through their competition.

“We’re a much more well-rounded team. After winning all the field events, we’ll just have to win a few races and the bag is secured,” said Joe Heilmann ‘23.

Starting with Sean McNally winning the mile, Team SM was off to a hot start.

Jonah Gabriel of the team took home the discus over top throwers Julius Lujano and Henry Boyer. It looked like a runaway win for Team SM.

However, Team J got their revenge in the field events. Senior captain Julius Lujano won the shot put.

Fellow senior captain Jack Antonsen won the 600, getting his revenge in the mile.

The meet went back and forth. One team would take the lead, then the other team would come right back. It all came down to the last race.

Team SM finished first in the final race and won the meet. No team had blown the other away like they both thought they would. The meet lived up to the hype.

“We showed up and dominated. They stood no chance against us,” said Patrick Quirk ‘23.