By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

The Palmer House has been a Chicago staple for over a century. Nestled between State Street and Wabash, the luxury hotel is the perfect location for anyone coming to see all that Chicago has to offer.

When walking into the Palmer House, you are greeted with a smile by the kind doorman. After walking through the door and up the short staircase, you enter the lobby. The lobby is a breathtaking sight. A glorious and detailed painting encompassed the enter ceiling, drawing your attention from the second you walk in. The lobby was a homey yet lavish place to sit and do many things. You could eat, socialize, and people watch in the wide variety of seating available in the lobby.

During my stay at the Palmer House, we stayed on the Executive Floor. Located on the 23rd floor, we had our own private elevator that took us to a select number of levels in the building. The elevator came with a funny and nostalgic touch to it – a seat was placed right in the middle of the elevator, attached to the wall.

Our room was very spacious and definitely has touches in it from back in the day. The carpet and bed frames were dated, along with the doorknobs and closets. While the room had many old touches to it, it had many contemporary ones, too. The bedding, smart TV, and shower were very up-to-date. Overall, the room was very cozy. It was the perfect place to rest up after a long day.

Conference rooms and ballrooms filled floors three through seven of the Palmer House. Trying to navigate these floors was troublesome at first, but as the week went on, we got the hang of it. The Palmer House is truly like a maze. It is filled with twists and turns. Every nook and cranny houses something. It made trying to navigate the place frustrating but also fun.

The food options at the Palmer House were magnificent. From fine dining to classic American cuisine, there was something to eat for everyone.

Overall, the Palmer House has a certain charm to it that makes it the perfect place to stay when coming to Chicago. It has a certain elegance, nostalgia, and luxury to it that is unmatched in other hotels around the world.