By Devlin Harris ‘21

As our lame duck President continues to go on Twitter and claim “I HAVE WON THIS ELECTION,” we all are wondering when will this election be over?

Georgia has just completed a full, hand done, ballot recount and President-elect Joe Biden has come out as the winner there, again. As many states complete their recounts and President Trump continues to lose, we have to wonder where his voter fraud claims have come from.

President Trump has tweeted out many graphs and maps of a county in Michigan mysteriously gifting Joe Biden over one-hundred thousand ballots in the middle of the night.

Trump tweeted out an election map from Shiawassee County in Michigan. This map showed Joe Biden receiving 153,710 votes in a county with a population smaller than 153,710. This sounds alarming but it was actually just a small quickly corrected system error.  The Shiawassee County election clerk, Republican Abigail Brown, said in an interview that “All it was is there was an extra zero that got typed in” meaning that the vote total should have been 15,371 instead. This was corrected within twenty minutes. However, many people saw the jump of 153,710 votes but refused to acknowledge the correction.

Pres. Trump has tried to sue many states on claims of voter fraud. He has sued in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. His case has been thrown out of every court in those states because of a lack of legitimate evidence. The current head of his legal team, Rudy Guiliani, continues to try and get a breakthrough in the courts, but nothing has materialized thus far.

In truth, I believe the election is over. There is no power in this country that can overturn it. Trump refuses to concede the election but with his inner circle starting to collapse around him, his days are numbered in the White House. Joe Biden will be the President of the United States come Jan. 20.

Now Democrats and Republicans must turn to Georgia to focus on the Senate runoffs. These two contests will decide if the Democrats can take over control of the Senate and have full control over Congress; or if the Republican Party can hold onto the Senate and limit what the Democrats can pass.