By Luke Onoroto ‘20

With Christmas time upon us, everyone is worried about what they’re going to get for Christmas and what presents to buy for their loved ones.

Every year I dread the same thing. Solving the puzzle of buying gifts for my parents.

Seriously, how does one know what to buy for someone born in an entirely different generation? Should I get for them a book? A scented candle? A Led Zeppelin record? Only God knows really.

Back when I was younger, this job was so much easier: just draw a sloppy picture, put it in a card, and call it a day.

My peers seem to be having similar difficulties saying things like “I’m lost,”  “I have no idea what to get for my parents,” and “ Wow! There’s no chance I figure out what to buy for my parents by the time it’s Christmas.”

After much consideration, I’ve given up on finding a creative gift. I think I will just get a scented candle for my mom and Led Zeppelin record for my dad.