By Alex Roche ‘20

Two years ago was when the Roche household was divided.

My very own sister, Megan Roche, took the entrance exam at long-time rival of Brother Rice, St. Laurence.

I remember waking up on that Saturday morning to see her sitting at the kitchen table in a St. Laurence shirt and thinking to myself, “You did not!”

No one in my family could believe it. She hadn’t said anything about the school until the morning of when my mother was driving her there.

Why would she choose a rival school?

“I really loved the school when I shadowed,” said Megan. “The new co-ed classes and atmosphere were a really big attraction. Also, I was one of the only ones from my grammar school class that was going there, so that meant that I would meet new people, which I love to do. It will be my home until graduation.”

After hearing all this come from her, I came to terms and would let her continue to be my sister, just only on weeks when we aren’t facing St. Laurence in our rivalry games.

It was fun this year seeing what school my family was going to support in our football game against St. Laurence. After that game, there were a lot of bragging rights and, of course, they were not in my favor.

Through all of this, my parents have found a solution and that is referring to themselves as a “Brother Rice Viking,” mixing both schools into one.

Everything is very calm in the house nowadays until baseball season; then I will have my bragging rights in the house.