By Eddie Maloney ‘24

As Brother Rice alumni walk the halls of our school today, many are pleasantly shocked by the place they see. In the past few years, countless renovations have been made to the building and facilities here at Brother Rice, and more investments are continuing to be made into the future of Brother Rice.

While many other schools were off during the recent heat wave at the beginning of the school year, class at Brother Rice was still in session. The school’s recent investment in air conditioning for every classroom made this possible, which has transformed the beginning of the school year from a humid and hot period to a cool and comfortable experience.

Senior Owen McShane said, “I took classes in Mr. McAuliffe’s room for the last three years. I felt like I was in a sauna, but this year, all of the rooms have cooled off significantly.”

Tim O’Connell, Brother Rice’s Director of Institutional Advancement and Leadership Gifts, said, “We were thrilled to have the support of Crusader alumni and friends that allowed us to make some significant improvements around the campus.”

Some of the recent renovations include a new chapel, parking lot, athletic field, and weight room. Additionally, new furniture, which includes chairs and adjustable standing tables, were added to the library and some classrooms.

Senior Patrick Mangin said, “It’s changed a lot since I got here. Many parts of campus have significantly improved since when I walked in as a freshman. I can’t imagine what else they will be able to accomplish in the next few years.”

The future of Brother Rice looks very bright. Many future projects are planned to enhance the student experience.

Speaking about the future, Tim O’Connell said, “We’re very excited for our next campaign ‘Carry on the Crusade’ to continue the exciting upgrades and renovations around Brother Rice. This is focused on the student experience, which includes renovations to the cafeteria and classrooms.”