By John Finnell ‘22

The cafeteria is the oasis of Brother Rice, a much needed break from hard classes and boredom. However, in recent years, the food offered in the cafeteria has declined in quality. The tragedy of the “Old Cookies” has been echoed by the upperclassmen of Brother Rice endlessly. The rising prices and the new menu options were met with little interest from the student body.

However, it seems there is a change on the horizon; finally, the cafeteria is on its way up. Every day, more and more students are in line, looking for cheap food or a sweet cookie. The results speak for themselves, with lines stretching across the lunchroom, and then, in minutes, gone. Never has there been more students looking for lunch in the cafeteria.

Cafeteria Supervisor Mrs. Tobar said, “Even with only having half the students last year, we’ve had more than twice the students as previous years.”

With good reason, since there has been drastic improvement. Fresh, homemade food in abundance and some quality specials draw students from all over.

Mrs. Tobar said, “After the free lunches last year, we’ve changed everything, it’s all fresh and homemade.”

It seems that these changes have not gone unnoticed by the student body.

This menu is in stark contrast to last year’s. With free lunches and fewer students around, the menu was sadly very limited. On top of that, many students got sick of the free lunches very quickly. Coming back to something even better was great, especially for the influx of freshmen and sophomores who hadn’t experienced the Brother Rice cafeteria at its best.

On a much less analytical note, there is one other change that has no doubt brought a renewed enthusiasm for the cafeteria’s cuisine – the good cookies are back! Countless petitions, jokes, and inquiries have finally borne fruit! The massive, cheap, and delicious cookies have led me, and many other students to finally return to the cafeteria line. Success has never tasted so much like chocolate chips.