By Matthew Quattrocchi ‘21

 In the start to the second semester, Edmund Rice Camp is looking forward to starting their fundraising campaign, one gummy bear at a time.

Edmund Rice Camp is an annual tradition at Brother Rice, which serves many kids of neighboring communities by giving them a free summer camp year after year.

Due to unexpected circumstances this past year, fundraising has been especially difficult for Edmund Rice Camp. However, the student leadership team is optimistic for a smooth and successful season of fundraising.

To kick off their 2021 campaign, ERC is selling an assortment of Albanese Candies to surrounding neighborhoods and students at Brother Rice.

Edmund Rice Camp is offering three types of candy for their fundraiser: Assorted Gummy Bears, Sour Gummy Bears, and Peach Rings.

Mr. Augustyn, a faculty director of ERC, said, “Fundraising is essential to an undertaking like Edmund Rice Camp, and the Albanese Candy fundraiser gives us a fun way to accomplish a portion of our goal. Albanese Candy is well liked and an easy sale. We hope all students will support our candy fundraiser.”

On Monday, Jan. 18, the leadership team is hosting a meeting to discuss the terms and goals of the fundraiser, expecting the campaign to start the following week.

Fundraising is an essential part to the continuous success of Edmund Rice Camp and is needed now more than ever. ERC student leader, Chris Staszak said, “Edmund Rice Camp is a very special camp designed by Brother Rice students and staff that deeply care for the entertainment of the youth in our community. With more fundraising, we have much more accessibility to diversify the activities during camp.”

One of the easiest and most beneficial ways to get involved in ERC is through fundraising. The continuous support of the Brother Rice community is what keeps this camp going year after year.

Mrs. England, a faculty director of ERC, said, “Every year, Edmund Rice Camp needs to raise money to be able to host the camp. We estimate that we spend approximately $125 per camper each year. Those funds cover lunches, snacks, prizes, decoration and activities during camp.”

Mrs. England also said, “This year, the leaders decided to sell Albanese Gummy Bears again. The last time we sold gummy bears, in 2017, we raised about $600. Hopefully, the counselors will find many hungry, generous people who would enjoy eating Albanese Gummies while supporting ERC.”

The leadership team is confident the Albanese Fundraiser will be a successful baseline to start off their year of fundraising. ERC is a classic tradition at Brother Rice, initiating our core belief in service to others. “Student leader Kyle Gallagher, said, “In our efforts toward camp, we are trying to live in the way that Edmund Ignatius Rice taught us, by living with Christ in our hearts to help those around us.”

By giving the opportunity of ERC, we are abiding by the principles Brother Rice was founded on, and it starts with fundraising.

In a year more difficult than most, the fate of Edmund Rice Camp may be in the hands of the donator, and to say the least, the donation is worth the cause.