By Joe Scarriot ‘23

Before my senior year, people told me to enjoy my last year of high school because it will go by fast. I never believed this saying because my last three years have felt like a lifetime. However, the one year I wanted to feel like a lifetime flashed before my eyes.

I remember picking up my schedule and taking my ID pictures this summer, not realizing it would be the last time I would do this. On the first day of any school year, I loved talking to people that I never saw in the summer. It just dawned on me that I may never see some of these people again.

I don’t think I have a specific favorite memory. However, I valued meeting new people the most. There is no way of knowing if someone can be a great friend unless you try talking to them. Everyone I hang out with today I did not know in grade school. I met them through Brother Rice. There’s only four years in high school to meet people; take the risk to meet new people.

Every teacher at Brother Rice cares about their students to a whole new level. Sophomore year, Ms. Pacetti implemented her famous “Top 10 Rules.”

I hated those rules so much, but if you break them…. EEK!  I would never be able to write well without these rules. Anytime I write an essay or article I automatically do not use the words “am, is, are, was, were, has, had, should of, would of, and could of” because of the Top 10 Rules. If you check this article, none of those words will be used because of Ms. Pacetti. The teachers may make some crazy rules; there will always be rules to follow so listen carefully and follow the rules.

Brother Rice creates a unique environment, where you can be involved. I’m glad of everything I involved myself in at school, especially signing up for Kairos 161. Nobody says anything about Kairos when they return, which made me skittish about it. I consider Kairos one of the best decisions I made, and I’m so thankful I took the risk to do it.

As I reflect on my finals days at Brother Rice, I will undoubtedly miss it. I can’t believe that I attended the greatest school on Earth. All of the people that I’ve met and all of the lessons I’ve learned I will remember for the rest of my life. I find it crazy that I have only been here four years, but I consider Brother Rice my home. Brother Rice will always be my home, and I will forever bleed maroon and orange.