By Tommy Witt ‘24

On Oct 13, Mr. Mike Dolan, along with select Brother Rice students, traveled to Kearny, New Jersey, for the weekend to be a part of the ACTION Advocacy Leadership Workshop. Over 50 students from Edmund Rice schools around North and South America attended the workshop.

This year’s theme was based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically focused on protecting the ecosystem. While working on protecting our environment, students developed ideas on how to clean local parks, as well as develop a marketing campaign.

Junior Matt Phelan said, “It was truly an unforgettable experience. I had the opportunity to meet some awesome people and engage in effective group discussions to help my group prepare our advocacy project.”

Students hope to use the new strategies taught at the conference back at their schools to spread advocacy.

Students also collaborated with other students while sharing rooms with those from other schools. Jay Jilek shared a room with two students from Argentina and Michigan, and they bonded over the weekend.

Junior Jay Jilek said, “I greatly enjoyed sharing ideas with other students from Christian Brother schools from all over and especially had a bond with my two roommates from Argentina and Michigan. The workshop taught us the tools to succeed as a good leader.”

Senior Alexander LaMantia said, “The experience was truly amazing. To be able to combine ideas and concepts with students from other Edmund Rice schools in North and South America was truly an honor.”

Overall, the trip was a great success. Students hope to continue advocating in their communities in the future with the tools learned in New Jersey.