By Patrick Mahanes ‘23

Air told the interesting account of how Nike got Michael Jordan to sign with them over Adidas and Converse. Initially, I thought the movie would be boring because how exciting can a movie about a shoe be? I was pleasantly surprised to find the entire movie interesting from start to finish.

Myles Maloney said, “Air kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire movie. Matt Damon played Sonny Vaccaro perfectly, from creating comedic relief to portraying stressful situations.”

The purpose of the movie was to explain the thoughts and feelings Nike had at the time about their basketball shoe brand and the huge risk they took on Michael Jordan. At the time, Jordan had his heart set on Adidas.

Brendan Malloy said, “If I did not know about the Jordan brand today, I would have definitely thought Jordan was going to sign with Adidas. He seemed to love the brand and was set on it before Nike came along.”

I thought the most interesting part of the film was seeing the intelligence of Jordan’s mom. She was a great negotiator for Jordan and secured him millions and millions of dollars every year even after being retired from the game of basketball.

Will Owens said, “Jordan’s mom did a great job securing the best and smartest deal for her son. Her bargaining and thinking skills were very impressive.”

I would recommend this movie to everyone because I think anyone could appreciate it. Everyone loves an underdog, risk filled story that ends up rewarding those that took the risk. A lot of people are also interested in shoes, and it is interesting to see how Nike got Jordan to sign with Nike over the other popular brands. Personally, I thought this movie served its purpose very well and was extremely interesting.