By James Zygadlo ‘24

On Nov. 1, Brother Rice celebrated All Saints Day as a school, and gathered together in the main gym for mass. Father Mark and the eucharistic ministers did a phenomenal job leading us in prayer. Together, we all helped spread the word of God and guided those in need of spiritual help.

Ronan Culkin said, “As a eucharistic minister myself, I thought it was great being able to connect with God and the students by distributing Communion.”

Father Mark read a gospel story that talked about John saving the servants of God from angels who were going to damage the land. This story really moved me and made me think about how we can gain salvation from God if we praise and worship him. People say singing during mass is like praying twice, and the choir did an amazing job of praising God through song.

Jayson Polickey said, “I thought the mass went well and thought PJ Panarese did a great job leading the choir in song.”

After the mass, Mr. Murzyn gave a heartwarming speech to the school about a special lady who meant a lot to him. He talked about the time they spent together, and how he wanted her to join the Brother Rice family. He made her sound like an amazing lady, and he explained how he truly got to know her over the course of the past year.

Sadly, Mr. Murzyn said she recently passed away, and I could physically and emotionally see this hurt in Mr. Murzyn. Many Crusaders, including me, felt like we had lost a family member.

Mac Murzyn said, “Everyone needs someone in their life to bring them closer to God. My family was fortunate enough to have someone special like that. I hugged my dad after his speech and told him how proud I was.”

As a school, we wrapped up the celebration by saying three prayers for this special lady to show our appreciation and love for her as she continues her journey with God.