By Martin Murray ‘20

You’ve probably seen them before. They are at shadow days, meet-and-greets, open houses, entrance exams, and they work after school reaching out to future students. They are the Brother Rice Ambassadors Club.

“The purpose of the club is to have a living representation for the families we recruit of what their son would be like by the time he is a junior or senior when he is leaving here as an 18 year old,” said Director of Admissions Mr. Frasor. “We targeted kids that we thought were good leaders and representatives for the school.”

The club is in its second year, and so far, it has made quite an impact in the recruitment process.

Frasor said, “The ambassadors have been a huge help in recruitment. They’ve been organized and been able to be trusted to take in shadows who didn’t have a chance to sign up online. On top of that, our ambassadors follow up with their shadows by writing letters and making phone to them.”

The ambassadors exemplify what the school stands for and display what makes Brother Rice such a unique place to spend four years.

“I think the camaraderie among students and the overall fun that all the students can have throughout the day while staying focused on school is the best part of Rice,” said senior Ryan Kopale.

Being an ambassador allows students to take on leadership roles, improve public-speaking skills, show off school pride, and aid in recruiting new Crusaders.

Junior Sean Hollander commented,” Being an ambassador has changed my high school experience by letting me be able to get up in front of a group of people and be able to talk about Rice and my experiences.”

Among other attributes, the ambassadors helped bring in one of Brother Rice’s biggest freshman classes since 2013. The club seeks to constantly improve, and they plan to help attract an even bigger freshman class this year.

One way for prospective students to see what Brother Rice offers on a regular day is to shadow. Brother Rice hosts shadows any day class is in session.

Shadow days give the shadow, host, and teachers a delightful experience. The whole Brother Rice community enjoys assisting future high schoolers make a high school decision.

“I like shadow days because it allows incoming Crusaders to have a chance at experiencing the brotherhood we have here and discover our wide range of activities and classes,” said senior Mark Kelly. “Being an ambassador has allowed me to play the big brother role for once, considering I am the youngest in my family.”

Brother Rice often talks about being exceptional, and the Ambassador Club provides only one example of the many exceptional programs on campus. Their work will continue to contribute to the success of the school.