By Danny Hughes ‘23

Kairos is, hands down the best experience I have had throughout my four years at Brother Rice. The retreat helped me reconnect with God.

Some tips that you will need if you go on Kairos are to bring an extra pair of shoes, PLEASE bring deodorant, and keep an open mind throughout the retreat. The reason why Kairos is so secretive is that there is no way to fully explain the experience without actually experiencing Kairos.

One of the main reasons that students go on Kairos is because Mr. Augustyn’s peer ministry class is required to go to pass the class. This is a great requirement because I might not have gone if I didn’t have to, and I would miss out on this experience.

Senior Nick Morrin said, “Kairos allowed me to form friendships with people I never thought I’d be friends with.”

“Don’t anticipate – participate,” was something that all the Kairos leaders said throughout the four days that we were gone. This is important to hear because you never know what is going to happen and asking questions that will ruin the experience aren’t helpful to you or others.

Senior Jack Urchell said, “I had a really good time getting to know everyone on K-162 better. I hope everyone gives Kairos a chance even if they’re skeptical.”