By Robert Regan ‘23

I didn’t think my senior year at Brother Rice would be any different than my previous three years of high school. It would be in the same place with the same people doing the same things. It turned out though, I was very wrong. So far, my senior year has been a very special and important year for me.

I had to make a lot of decisions this year. One such decision was what I wanted to study in college. Two classes I took this year were entrepreneurship and accounting, and both were taught by Mr. Kutsulis, aka “Coach K”. Learning more about the different aspects of the business world helped me to decide to major in accounting in college.

I have played lacrosse for all four years during my time at Brother Rice. This year, we got a new coaching staff, led by head coach, Coach Lawler. While the atmosphere of practices with the new coaches was definitely different than before, it taught me to learn to adapt to change. I enjoyed being a leader on the team and showing new players “the ropes” of the game of lacrosse.

One of my favorite things I did this year was going on a field trip to a Black History Month celebration mass downtown with Mr. McAuliffe and Mr. Parker. After the mass, we had sandwiches and cake shakes at Portillos. Other things from my senior year I will always remember are Bro Hayes’s next-level demonstrations in physics class and talking to Mr. Augustyn in the mornings before school started.

Overall, I would say I had a lot of fun this year. Whether it was doing something I’ve done all four years, like going to the football games, or doing things I’ve never done before, like playing intramural basketball. I had a blast. The memories I made this year, I will always cherish.

My time at Brother Rice has taught me alot. It taught me to be kind to others and not to be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Because of Brother Rice, I have lifelong knowledge and friends. The mark Brother Rice has made on me is nothing short of exceptional.