By Patrick Carney ‘22

Everyone has a time in school where they ask themselves “Why do I need to learn this?” For some this may come in math or English class, but nobody at Brother Rice feels this way during any of the five lectures Mr. Jack McLaughlin delivers to the senior class each year.

Following his retirement from Apple, Mr. McLaughlin returned to Brother Rice for Career Day. Given his career experience and extensive background in personal development at Apple, he always wondered if it would be beneficial to share his knowledge with Brother Rice students on the verge of college and career decisions as well as new financial responsibilities. During a meeting with Mr. Barkowski, they agreed that students may really benefit from his unique perspective.

After refining his abundant knowledge into five categories, Mr. McLaughlin has presented to all Brother Rice seniors for the past seven years. Beginning the year with careers, he then offers advice on basic interviewing skills, followed by two unique perspectives on financial awareness, and finally uses his experience to share lessons on overcoming obstacles. Each presentation holds knowledge for each student to use as they begin their adult life.

He continues to return to Brother Rice because Mr. McLaughlin simply said, “I am passionate about this stuff.” Growing up, he had two main role models – a teacher and a businessman. After embracing business for the majority of his professional life, Mr. McLaughlin saw the opportunity to engage his love for teaching by returning to his high school.

During his time at Rice, Mr. McLaughlin has been trying to change young people’s relationship with money, and he has seen the benefits of inputting financial advice at a young age. This is why Mr. McLaughlin is vital to the education provided by Brother Rice. Although he is only present five times a year, he is able to provide career, personal, and financial advice through one aspect of everyone’s lives – school.

Throughout the interview, Mr. McLaughlin’s seemingly infinite knowledge about career challenges, personal development, and financial awareness became abundantly clear. However, there is one message at the core of each lecture he presents to Brother Rice students: “We become what we think about. If you want to change anything in your life, you have to change the way you think.”

Mr. McLaughlin will give one more lecture this year, and hopefully return next year. His dedication to career advice, personal development, and financial diligence is something that anyone, especially those at Brother Rice, should seek to mirror.