By Becky Pacetti

The Class of 2024 just left the gym after graduation practice, a little quieter than when they entered it an hour earlier.  The whoops and cheers when they came into the gym were replaced with some quiet contemplation – a look around the space that they were now leaving on their last day at Brother Rice.  

It’s the same place they entered four short years ago when they sat in freshman orientation talks. Gone are those scared little guys, replaced by confident young men who are well-prepared and ready to face their futures.

I’m back in my classroom, wondering what it will be like without “my little cherubs” from our English 4 Journalism class.  Room 103 is going to be really quiet during 6th period these next two weeks.  

No more serenading with a duet  by Seamus Hanley and Nolan Navarrete as they enter class; no more “warranted whining,” as coined by Tommy Scott, when complaints arise (that’s you, Mr. Worthy) about how hard it is to do yearbook spreads; no more “Big Mac” Murzyn silliness, who is especially hard to look at nowadays. It seems like it was just yesterday that he was five years old, running down the hallway and trying to keep up with his dad as they made their way to the wrestling room.  

I will miss them all, especially my little Germainiac cousins, Slim Bowes and Tyler Wojcik, whose parents I taught here at Rice and worked with at St. Germaine.  They are the second generation of students for me…time sure flies when you’re having fun!

As much as I enjoyed their personalities, I also appreciated how talented these guys are as writers.  The articles they wrote for The Standard were stellar; sports, events, and news of the day was covered thoughtfully and thoroughly. You need only look at all the “likes” they received on X/Twitter to see that our Crusader community appreciated the exceptional stories they put out every week.

The yearbook was also a success; even with having to learn a new yearbook program this year, they created a book that will be a wonderful remembrance of the year for all of us.  

Special thanks to our editor-in-chief Nick Hall, who edited over 180 articles this year for The Standard, and Tommy Scott, managing editor of The Crusader yearbook.  These two kids went above and beyond to make sure our team was successful in both of these huge undertakings.

The upcoming posts are the last pieces from the 2024 staff of The Standard which are posted on the Brother Rice website and X/Twitter. I’ll post a few each day until “the lads” graduate. I think you will find them thoughtful, funny, and some may even bring a tear to your eye (and yes, they made me cry a few times!).  We always check for comments and “likes,” so if you enjoy a story, please give the writer a “like” or comment; I know the boys will appreciate that.