By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

When you hear someone talking about Kairos, what do you think? Do you think of a time where people get closer with God- a time where people truly find themselves, or do you not know much about Kairos? Is it just some place where people go for a week during the school year with other peers to get a break from school?

Well, for someone who has not gone yet, I will be attending Kairos in March. It is a pretty odd feeling not knowing what to expect. You always hear people talking about Kairos, but they never give away too much or say anything that would ruin others’ possible future experiences. It is really just something that you will never be able to know until you are a part of it.

I do have some hopes for this upcoming Kairos that I will be attending. The first thing that I hope to have on my Kairos is hearing something or learning about something that will alter the way I live or the way I think. It would also be nice if I actually do become closer with the people that I go on this trip with.

Going on Kairos will definitely be worth it in some type of way, as long as I just take the first step and sign up for it. One thing to look forward to as well, is that you will not have Mr. Augustyn, or anyone else telling you “Don’t anticipate, participate.”

Wait until Mr. Augustyn reads this – I have been anticipating this the whole time.