By Dylan Warda ‘22

Many grammar schoolers dream of playing basketball for Brother Rice. It is very difficult to make the team with so much competition and great players.

Making the team is an accomplishment in and of itself. Many players try and many fail to make the team. Many people do not realize how tough it is to make the freshman team.

The Brother Rice basketball program has four different levels of teams with the highest being varsity and lowest being the freshman B team. The players on the freshman B team do not get enough credit for their skills.

The B team is full of great athletes. It is a team of guys who enjoy playing basketball and there is nothing better than playing Brother Rice basketball.

“Before I broke my leg, I was having such a great time with the boys and playing with the team. I hope I can recover in time for one last dance with the squad,” said freshman Logan Warda.

The team is such an amazing thing to be a part of and players make amazing memories that will last forever.

“My teammates make the game ten times more fun,” said freshman Donovan Brown.

If you ever catch one of their games, the players will play hard and have great comradery. You can tell how much this team means to them.

“Usually to prepare for games, I pray for about four minutes, stretch, then meditate,” said freshman Vaughn Goberville.

The team is great to watch. Their games are full of great shooting, ball handling, and hustle.

“My favorite game was coming back from down nine in the fourth quarter against Marmion and winning in overtime,” said freshman Tater Klinger.

There are still two weeks left in their season and you should catch one of their games if you can.