By Henry Barsch ‘20

“Back to the Future” is a name that is iconic to every American household.

The series is getting older, but it holds up extremely well. Starting with “Back to the Future” in 1985, the series was an instant success and pop culture phenomenon. Grossing $389 million and being critically acclaimed, it instantly warranted two sequels.

Each film is epic and a star on its own accord. BTTF 1 set up many iconic moments and phrases for decades to come. George punching Biff? Iconic. BTTF 2 goes even further, making predictions all over the place. Some of these even came true, like video calling and holographic film (sorta, 3D is awfully close).

Everyone in Chicago remembers the 2015 prediction that the Cubs would win the World Series in BTTF 2, and their real 2015 postseason run to the NLCS.

But the most underrated movie of the entire series is the third edition. The third BTTF is often forgotten when remembering the series, but it definitely has its standout and iconic moments.

The plot is not another BTTF plot, as this time it pulls out a huge problem. Right away, it reveals that Doc Brown and Marty McFly are separated, continuing right where BTTF 2 left off. Doc is trapped in 1885, while Marty is in 1955 again. The huge twist comes early on, as records show that Doc was killed in 1885. Marty then embarks on his quest to not only return to 1985, but to save his friend in the process.

Of course, I must start with the standout computer generated imaging (CGI) from Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). The George Lucas group have really outdone themselves again, as the special effects and CGI of BTTF 3 really still hold up today, 30 years later. ILM has literally changed the movie industry time and time again, and it is no different for BTTF 3.

The acting is great, per usual. Michael J. Fox reprises his iconic role and once again does a great job playing the angsty and often comical teen of Marty McFly. But some character development has ensued, as Marty seems even braver than before.

Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as the down on his luck Emmett “Doc” Brown. Just like before, Doc does a great job of maneuvering around the new theme of 1885, and really seems to settle in there. The scene where he wakes up from a secret bartender mix is hilarious.

Mary Steenburgen as Clara Clayton, Doc Brown’s love interest, really brings depth to Doc’s character. Her initial conflict and her resolution to join Doc is very satisfying. The role of Clayton was also written for Steenburgen, so it is expected that she fit perfectly.

Overall, the movie is another smash hit. It is severely underrated in the movie world and in its own franchise. It really brings the franchise to a good resolve from over the three movies.

While you are stuck inside all month for this coronavirus crisis, give “Back to the Future Part III” a watch on Netflix. You will not regret it.

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