By Alex Cichowicz ‘23

“The Little Mermaid” is a Disney movie we all know and love. Most of us remember watching it as kids and recalling every funny little detail. This year the Mother McAuley Theater has brought this to us as a musical to enjoy with friends and family.

Many students put so much time and hard work into this and couldn’t wait to present it to the audience. Before big shows there is a lot of excitement and nervousness throughout the room.

Junior P.J. Panarese, who played Trident, said, “When opening night hits, at first you feel the nerves start to hit, then the tension begins. As soon as the overture starts, the nerves begin to get stronger and stronger as soon as you’re about to go on the stage. But before you get on the stage, you realize the training you went for before you go on. Then as soon as you get on the stage, nerves go away and you become the show.”

Flounder, played by Junior Maggie Hughes said, “Auditions are always nerve-racking and rehearsals are fun but very tiring. In the end, all the work put in was worth it.”

Senior Andy Flores, who played Prince Eric, said, “Right before I’m about to go on in my first scene, my anxiety skyrockets. I tense up and my heart pounds. But then I’m on stage and the nerves melt away. I’m where I should be, doing what I love, and I’m having a great time.”

Having a bright light beaming at you puts pressure on and proves whether or not you have what it takes to perform what you have been practicing for months.

Although the performers wish they could just not be nervous and have all the confidence in the world, being nervous shows that you care. It shows you want people to appreciate you and the work you have put in. If you didn’t care, you probably wouldn’t be doing it in the first place. With that, you might as well give it all you got and never stop believing in yourself until it’s over.