By Brendan Arnold ‘23

Nothing in the world beats a pre-prom picture meal, especially a homemade meal. The eight-ounce steak with a baked potato was definitely the best part of my night.

Walking up to Saint Xavier and being blinded by all the sparkling dresses really made me reconsider saying yes to my date.

Senior Owen Gorman said, “I needed some government-type sunglasses to protect my eyes from all the sparkle. Unlike my date, whose dress was amazing.”

Walking into the Drake ballroom I finally realized where all the money went towards. Because I know for a fact it was not spent on the food. The dancing chandlers lit up the room while all the amazing looking dates walked in. We were greeted with an unlimited amount of Shirley Temples at the bar – non-alcoholic drinks just to make sure.

“I could drink Shirley Temples for the rest of my life,” said senior Sean Mongan.

As we sat down for dinner, my hopes went up knowing more food was coming our way. However, that was not the case. Our salad was two leaves of lettuce and the bread wasn’t cooked all the way, and I don’t even want to talk about the chicken.

With the best part of the night coming up, I was stoked to show off my killer dance moves. Senior Danny Durkin was also very excited as well.

Durkin said, “When I heard the DJ turn up the music after dinner, I was so excited. The whole night I kept thinking about what moves to start with. I ended up deciding to do the worm, and let’s just say, the crowd loved me.”

My God, can Danny Durkin do the worm! The girls were all over him when he brought that out.

The night flew by in a minute. What felt like one hour was actually three. The time really did fly, and sooner than later, they asked for everyone to start making their way back to the bus.

After arrival at Mother McAuley, my date and I both agreed that we needed a midnight snack. We ended up deciding on good ol’ reliable El Gallo and did those tacos beat out the dinner.

Overall, my time at McAuley prom had its highs and lows, but the biggest high was dancing around the prom floor with all the boys from school.