By Sean Maloney ‘22

When I was finishing 8th grade, everyone told me high school would go by “in the blink of an eye”. I believed that it’d fly by, but not as fast it did.

I feel like just yesterday I was suiting up to play a freshman football game. Now, I’m a captain of the track team. I’m graduating now, and I don’t know where the time went.

Aside from having a great time and making friends that will last a lifetime, Brother Rice has taught me many things. After going on this recent trip to Peru, I’ve learned how to live the teachings of Edmund Rice by helping the poor. It wasn’t only a valuable experience, but I enjoyed the entire trip. This trip made me want to continue doing service in my life.

Another thing I will take from Brother Rice is a tough work ethic. After taking classes such as AP Government and AP European History, I’ve developed a work ethic that will last me for life.

As I head to a Catholic school at Providence College next year, I’ll bring with me a spiritual life. Kairos 154 helped me to gain that. I’ve also become a peer minister, and through it, I’ve become a Eucharistic minister at Mass.

Although I’ll miss Rice, I’ll leave here a better and harder-working person than I came in as. High school really did go by in the blink of an eye.