By Joe Scarriot ´23

On Wednesday, March 29, the varsity rugby team took on the Morton West Mustangs at Tom Mitchell Field. The Crusaders have been dominating opposing teams all season, and this game was expected to be no different.

Senior Jack Welniak said, ¨We are a very talented team. I love getting down and gritty with my boys.”

From the beginning kickoff, the Crusaders controlled the game from start to finish. They won in all aspects of the game, claiming a 63-0 victory over the Mustangs.

In the first minute of the game, junior Eddie Maloney scored the opening try. The offense never stopped scoring from that point on.

Henry Ivers scored three tries; Eddie Maloney scored two tries; and Casey Gallagher, Sam Klinger, Tommy Hanlon, and Seamus Hanley each scored a try. Jack Welniak accumulated points by successfully making every conversion kick after the tries.

Senior Jack Brouder said, “There was an offensive explosion that night. Everything went the way we wanted.”

The defense pitched a shutout against the Mustangs thanks to the “Alamo” formation. Coach Sullivan implemented the “Alamo” defense on the goal line that forced many Mustang turnovers.

Senior Brendan Tait said, “We played aggressive hardnose defense with a good launch off the ball. This allowed us to keep pressure on them the entire game.”

Come on out to support the varsity rugby team this Saturday against Marist at Red and White Stadium at 11:00 a.m.