By Colin Condon ‘20

Everybody loves some good, old fashioned, Chicago-style grub. Nothing hits the spot after a hard fought game, long day at work, or simply satisfies your hunger like Chicago’s famous Portillo’s.

“There is no other line I would wait in for 20 minutes than Portillo’s,” claims notorious big man, sophomore Griffin Connors.

Portillo’s has realized the struggle of their old fashion style drive through and created a “Portillo’s on wheels,” called the “Beef Bus.”

The new food truck is set to hit the road this year selling its fan favorite hot dogs, burgers, Italian beef, crinkle cut fries, and much more.

The plan is that the Beef Bus is going to hit all major cities nationwide. Fort Wayne, Indiana will be the first stop for the bus on Oct 7, 2020.

When senior Kevin Phelan isn’t working at football or basketball, he enjoys a great meal:  “Living in Chicago, we are truly blessed when it comes to great food. Portillo’s has the best corn dogs I have ever eaten. For dessert, the chocolate cake shake is top notch.”

Not only will the bus be hitting major cities, there are also ballots for what town the Beef Bus should visit between the big cities. Not only will there be voting ballots, concerts and other big vendors can request the Beef Bus for special events.

“Hopefully the Beef Bus is at Lollapalooza. I love Portillo’s and I love concerts. Both of them together would be a dream come true.” says senior Jacob Sullivan.

Putting Portillo’s on wheels is a very good idea. Not only will Portillo’s earn money, but also customers, and eventually new restaurants nationwide.

Chicago food deserves to be represented nationally!