By Jimmy Hogan ‘22

After a long year of the pandemic, Brother Rice is now able to celebrate Thanksgiving the right way. Many families are finally able to get together for the first time since 2019. The pandemic has changed many people’s lives.

Thanksgiving is now the start of bringing back old traditions for many families. Brother Rice families especially are now planning on having a traditional Thanksgiving.

Senior Danny Curran spoke about how he celebrates Thanksgiving. He said, “On the day of Thanksgiving, I go over to my uncle’s where we watch football and have a big meal. The next Friday, I head over to my other uncle’s house where we eat pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, homemade cookies, and lemon cakes.” Danny Curran is a perfect example of how tradition is returning.

Brother Rice students are very diverse and have many different ways of how they celebrate Thanksgiving. Senior Edgar Valadez talked about how he celebrates Thanksgiving.

Valadez said, “I am usually with my family and extended family and we make mashed potatoes, and other general Thanksgiving foods. My family also buys breads like conchas and puerquitos( pig-shaped cinnamon bread), but this year it’s different. It’s just going to be my close family and me at a restaurant downtown.”

Although many families from the Brother Rice community may not be celebrating their old traditions, they are still having a get together.

Senior Colin Ashley said, “On Thanksgiving, my family and I will usually head over to my aunt and uncle’s house after a long day of cooking.”

The Brother Rice community is very diverse and has their own ways and traditions in how they celebrate this Thanksgiving. Hopefully, it is a great Thanksgiving with family and friends for the whole Brother Rice community.