By Robert Pratl ‘22

Brother Rice Coding and Computer Club is poised to meet next Tuesday, for its second meeting of the year. Coding Club is a great opportunity to learn programming principles after school. The club will be open for any and all interested students.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for computer and information research scientists will grow by 20% by 2030. Brother Rice Coding and Computer Club will allow students to test the waters of computer programming by using the world’s most popular and arguably most intuitive programming language, Python.

Knowing even just the basics of computer programming is a valuable tool that can be applied to a wide spectrum of problems.

“It clears my mind like nothing else,” said junior Don Pratl about his experience with programming.

A common theme among beginner programmers is to feel intimidated by language syntax. No need for an interested Crusader to fear as members of the club will teach prospective members all about programming and show prospective members just exactly what programming is about.

Whether you are a hobby programmer, someone interested in computers, experienced or not, Brother Rice Coding and Computer Club has something to offer anyone interested.

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