By Sebastian Meraz ‘19

Every year students, faculty, alumni, and families fill Brother Rice’s south gym awaiting to find out who is being inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame.

This day is known amongst the Brother Rice community as Founders Day. On Founders Day, we are able to hear speeches and stories from students and faculty reflecting on their time at Brother Rice. This year we heard three stories from seniors: Andrew Thompson, Jalen Rheams, and Gerardo Chavez. These Crusaders shared their own stories about how Brother Rice has shaped them throughout their four year journey.

Jalen Rheams said “I was very honored to share my story with everyone. Founders Day was a great experience, and I hope it inspires lower classmen to take advantage of their time here.”

Throughout the induction, there were a number of guest speakers sharing their accounts with soon to be inductees. Many of these inductees tried confusing the audience as to who was being inducted. Mr. Peters, who was a speaker, said, “Wasn’t it good (his speech)? It made a lot of you think I was being inducted.”

This year there were five inductees:  Kirk Bosi, Dan Dwyer, Michelle England, Judy Hofer and Sandra Jones-Thomas. These inductees were surprised and did not have any speeches ready; however, Mrs. England and Mr. Dwyer gave amazing speeches with the intent of letting the young men know everything they do is for their students.

After the induction, the Hall of Famers were greeted by their families and fellow faculty members, congratulating them on an amazing achievement.

I was able to ask Mr. Dwyer how he felt in the moment.  He said, “I was incredibly humbled to be recognized by my peers. Many of my mentors have been inducted, and it feels great to join them.”

Congratulations to all the Hall of Fame inductees!