By Justin Jefferson ‘20

Last weekend on Saturday, Feb 8, Brother Rice hosted its first annual inaugural Be Exceptional Dinner Dance. The event helped Brother Rice with funding and their financial aid program.

A few other people and I were fortunate enough to help at the event.

Junior Willie Shaw said, “I loved that he was able to connect with others and meet new people.”

Senior Seth Miller, another student who worked the event said, “The dinner dance not only benefited Brother Rice, but also benefited any Rice student who will be affected by the funds raised at the event. The money raised will give the opportunity for future Crusaders to attend Brother Rice.”

Mr. Mike Zunica, the Vice President of Development at Brother Rice and the man behind the event, said, “It was the biggest event in the history of the school and the key supporters had a great time.” It seemed like the event had a great outcome.

The Be Exceptional Dinner Dance raised about $200,000. This is a substantial amount of money raised for it being their first event.

Mr. Zunica says next year can turn out better because “People had a great time. More tickets will be sold next year and will result in a greater net return.”

This event will be a great help for future students in need of financial help who wish to go to our school. If this event can be successful as it was its first time, Brother Rice will be giving potential Crusaders a greater chance of becoming great men.