By Robby Pratl ‘22

After a long hiatus, Brother Rice floor hockey is finally going to be back, taking place on to be announced dates. Intramural floor hockey is a great way to have fun amongst friends while competing for the prized title of floor hockey champion!

Floor hockey is similar to ice hockey, without the biggest barrier to entry: the ice. This allows for anybody to be able to pick up a stick and play to his heart’s content. In past years, floor hockey has been an extremely popular intramural activity, drawing Crusaders from every grade level, and judging by the excitement expressed by senior Connor Leahy you can bet it will be once again.

Connor said, “I am extremely excited to take part in the sport for the first time at Brother Rice.”

Many others plan to play, so make sure to turn in your forms ASAP to Mr. McAullife so you can secure your spot early. Do not miss out simply because you could not turn in your form on time.

The league will run into May, allowing Crusaders the opportunity to play floor hockey on a weekly basis. Although the league is intramural, do not be fooled into thinking there is no competitive spirit.

“I await the opportunity to win,” said junior Robert Reagan.

For the low price of $15, loads of fun and friendly competition await those who dare to take part in the invigorating activity.

The intramural is moderated by Mr. McAullife who said, “Teams must have up to 7 players and will compete weekly against other teams.”

Intramural floor hockey has not taken place since 2020, so if you plan to play, now is the best, and possibly the only shot you will get at Brother Rice.

Any interested student may inquire with Mr. McAullife in Room 218 for sign-up and any further information. Turn in your form for the chance to compete in Brother Rice’s best intramural!