By Robby Pratl ‘22

As the brainchild of teacher Mr. Parker finally comes to fruition, the Brother Rice Model 3-Rail Model Railroad Club is to meet biweekly on Wednesdays.

I had once believed that trains were a nuisance; however, upon Mr. Parker showcasing his impressive model train collection, I realized that model railroad was far from corny, odd, or annoying. A legitimately invigorating hobby model railroad proves, with a dedicated fanbase.

Mr. Parker explained to students that model railroad is much more than just putting trains on a track. Model railroad cars are complex works of art, many generating smoke and mechanically emulating noises heard from real train cars.

Furthermore, Mr. Parker explained his own journey into a model railroad: “I went home every night and worked on my railroad set for hours.”

The Brother Rice Model Railroad Club is lucky to have a genius railroad enthusiast like Mr. Parker to guide students through their journeys into modeling an often overlooked part of our everyday life.

Model Railroad strays away from the societal norm of instant gratification; participants take months, sometimes even years, to design and perfect their personal tracks.

Perhaps the most profound reason to join Model Railroad Club is simply to appreciate what many take for granted. When a train comes to an intersection many are annoyed when appreciation should be felt. Without trains, the supply chain of valuable products would collapse, as well as leave many without an efficient mode of transportation.

I believe it is important that we reassess our views on trains and recognize the magnificently complex machines that empowered society even before the advent of automobiles, and continue to this day. In short, any student reading this should give Model Railroad Club a chance.