By Robbie Rutledge ‘24

On Sunday, March 3, Brother Rice and Mother McAuley loaded the buses and traveled down to Lake Michigan to take on the Polar Plunge in support of the Special Olympics.

Sophomore Nolan Leonard said, “Raising money for the Mount Sion project and the Special Olympics has a spot in our hearts here at Brother Rice, and we are happy that it was such a huge success.”

The fundraising by Brother Rice and Mother McAuley raised over 16,000 dollars, and the total earnings overall reached up to 2 million dollars. Around 70 Mighty Macs and Crusaders participated in this plunge.

Mother McAuley senior Ellie Marron said, “I’m so happy that both schools were able to help fundraise this event together. We brought our schools closer together and were able to raise money for an amazing organization.”

In recent years, it has been a major goal for the Brother Rice and Mother McAuley Student Councils to involve the schools together more. An event like the Polar Plunge helps our schools affect the community and grow closer as neighboring schools.

Junior Matt Phelan said, “The water was colder than I expected, but it was worth it. It was a great time with some great people, and I’m happy the event was super successful.”

The Mighty Macs and the Crusaders had a great time in the water, and they were able to meet some wonderful people while doing it. The Special Olympics Committee were outstanding hosts,s and we hope to have another successful plunge next year.