By Robbie Rutledge ‘24

On March 22, the Brother Rice Crusaders took down the Caravans in a thriller B-side, ten’s match.

In a ten-aside match, there are five forwards and five backs on the field, rather than the usual eight forwards and seven backs in a 15-aside match.

Early in the match, the rucking Crusaders went down 10-0 in the first three minutes, letting up two quick tries to Mt. Carmel. After the first ten-minute quarter flew by, the Crusaders were hungry to get back in it.

As the second quarter began, junior Cian Desmond scored a try in the first minutes to cut the Caravan lead in half.

Cian Desmond said, “I saw the hole, and I went for it. It was great to score my second try of the season and help boost my team back into the game.”

Shortly after Cian’s try, senior Colin Welniak broke free and scored a try to tie the game at ten apiece. This was Colin’s first of two tries on the night.

As the game progressed, the Crusaders and the Caravan were tied at 15 going into the final quarter. This is when senior T.J. McNichols was able to escape two tackles and break free for the game winning try. The final score of the match was 20-15, Crusaders on top.

McNichols said, “Winning this game is very important to us, even though it is a preseason game. It is important to build momentum going forward to the season.”

Junior Kevin Duffy won “man of the match” due to his incredible defense and quick line breaks.

Duffy said, “This win against Carmel is a great way to end the preseason, and I’m excited to see the ‘Killer Bee’s’ happy for a win.”

Good luck to the rucking Crusaders as they advance into the regular season.