By Joe Fitzgerald ‘19

Tom Brady, love him or hate him, is one of the greatest to ever play the game. His talent, leadership and hard work led the New England Patriots to their sixth Super Bowl title. Despite the excitement surrounding the game, many people have different viewpoints.

The Super Bowl is usually a game full of excitement and many points, but Super Bowl LII was quite the opposite – a low scoring game where the Patriots prevailed over the Los Angeles Ram 13-3. Senior Dylan Summers enjoyed the game stating,

“I thought the Super Bowl was a great old school defensive battle. I think that the Patriots won the game simply because of more experience.”

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s experience definitely played a role as it was their ninth Super Bowl together. Senior Danny Connors believed the Patriots won because of Tom Brady’s history of winning the big one. “I thought the Rams had a good chance to win with big time players like Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald, but Tom Brady proved everyone wrong again, and proved he is the greatest of all time,” said Connors.

Personally I enjoy low scoring games because I believe that’s what makes football so much fun. Running the football and playing great defense wins championships.

Senior Anthony Arquilla agreed with me, saying, “While many found the game boring and disinteresting without high octane offenses taking the stage, I for one, am a fan of old school, grind it out, lunch pail mentality defensive battle. Neither the Rams nor Patriots defense are getting the credit they deserve for shutting down two of the best quarterbacks in the game.”

On the other hand, Senior Tom Angus is a fan of high-scoring football. He said, “Super Bowl LII was honestly a pretty boring game in my eyes. No team could really get going, and I can tell you that nobody watches football to watch punts go back and forth over high-octane offensive shootouts.”

Overall Super Bowl LII had very different viewpoints from seniors here at Brother Rice. Defense wins championships no matter how many points an offense can score. I can’t wait until football starts again, and find out who will hoist the Lombardi Trophy this time next year.