By Bryce Tinsley ‘23

On March 21, 2023, Brother Rice opened its doors to various trades for the Second Annual Trade Fair.

Interested students came to the gym during their lunch periods to talk to the men and women and learn about their respective trades.

Each different trade also had interactive demonstrations for the students to try out.

Senior Miguel Islas said, “My favorite was Local 134. There was a lot of information to take in, but I’m definitely interested.”

The Trade Fair is a huge opportunity for the students to see that college isn’t the only route, even though it may sound like it is. Now, the trades are growing at a very fast pace.

Senior Cooper Wainwright said, “I always thought college was the only good route to go, but the trades don’t seem half bad.”

With the trades, there comes a four-year class called an apprenticeship. In this, you are taught the ins and outs of your chosen career. After the apprenticeship, you are given the opportunity, in some cases, to follow with another higher level apprenticeship. At the end of that, your employer will choose to keep you as a full-time employee.

When researching the trades, it shows that more and more people are going into those lines of work. The pay for trades is high, with reporting a median salary of $53,138 and a high of $65,000.

Senior Jakub Potoczny said, “After looking through some of these pamphlets, it actually looks like a good career path.”

The fair was a big hit, with students pouring in period after period. With the turnout and attention the trades received, Brother Rice is looking forward to hosting the third installation of the trade fair.