By Kevin Worthy ‘24

BRTV’s high school students worked with WGN News’ anchors for a day to learn and participate. The students, known for their amazing orange suit coats and energy, engaged in discussions covering current events, and they had a great time with skilled anchors.

During a live broadcast, the students helped create a great segment of news. BRTV and WGN News anchors participated in a friendly trivia contest, showcasing their knowledge. The students also worked with WGN’s meteorologist, switching up the weather segment with their creativity.

Throughout the day, the students teamed up with WGN anchors to interview community members, offering new ideas on local stories and events.

The collaboration between BRTV and WGN News created discussions about the potential for students in the media industry and highlighted the value of reporting.

BRTV anchor senior Hunter Tempel said, “Going to WGN was very impactful to me because I was able to see behind the scenes of what my future could hold. Also the anchors taught us what it will take to pursue being an anchor for a huge company like WGN and I am willing to do anything for this.”

Another BRTV anchor senior Michael Moonan said, “Even though my performance for the trivia contest was not good, I enjoyed every moment I was there. It was a great experience that I will never forget about. Doing things like that do not happen a lot, so I am glad I was able to attend.”

Josh Torres took part in this trip, even though he is not an anchor. He is one of Brother Rice’s best photographers as a junior.

Josh said, “Learning about all of the behind the scenes video and live action film was so cool to see. I am happy I was able to go on the trip because I was able to learn many new things that will help with my photos. And all of the anchors were really cool to hang out with so that is a plus too.”

WGN was a great place for students to learn about a career path in broadcast. Learning from the best helped the BR TV team improve their skills.