By Grant Gierhahn ‘20

Isn’t it ironic how an integral component of the 2020 Democrat Party platform was their disdain for billionaires, especially white, old ones? Suddenly, Michael Bloomberg, one of if not the richest man in the U.S., has surged into serious contention for the Democrat presidential nomination.

Despite launching his campaign very late into the primary season, even missing some of the early contests in Iowa and New Hampshire entirely, Bloomberg is polling second overall nationally to socialist Bernie Sanders.

What a contrast: Sanders, a lifelong socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union and hopes to drain the wealth of the elitist class through taxes upward of 40%, versus Bloomberg, who epitomizes the central target of Sanders’ grassroots coalition.

Two strikingly different philosophical figures, yet they are nevertheless battling neck and neck for the Democratic nomination. This is the modern state of the Democrats- talk about a party in shambles.

But, how? How could former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg go from an unannounced possibility to a potent contender in just a matter of months?

The answer: money, money, money.

Bloomberg has exerted $345 million on his campaign efforts since November alone. No, that is not a typo.

Bloomberg, moreover, has an overall net worth upwards of $60 billion, and has indicated a willingness to spend up to $2 billion on the 2020 race. No, that is not a typo either.

Bloomberg, for all intents and purposes, is earnestly attempting to buy a major political party’s presidential nomination. And, thus far, he is succeeding. Bloomberg’s distinct strategy of concentrating primarily on the “Super Tuesday” states is working to perfection.

Think about it: what does Mike Bloomberg really stand for other than hating Donald Trump? Can you name one thing in his presidential platform? Do you even know why he is so wealthy?


Bloomberg isn’t running on his core beliefs. Frankly, he isn’t really running on any political party’s respective agenda. Instead, Bloomberg is running on his campaign war chest.

Bloomberg has made some questionable comments in the past, particularly regarding minorities and transgenders. But he doesn’t seem to care, and nobody in the DNC seems concerned either. Bloomberg and everybody else, for that matter, knows Bloomberg’s net worth can effortlessly negate any mishap he may have down the road.

For now and likely into November, Bloomberg will embrace his role as the Democrat establishment favorite, following the inevitable collapse of Joe Biden.

American citizens can’t sit back and permit a candidate to use his insane wealth to purchase political office, especially the highest office in the land. Mike Bloomberg’s campaign, if successful, will defame the integrity and equity of American elections.

The voice of American citizens must remain paramount at the polls and during the campaign season.

Money talks, but citizens must talk louder.