By Leo Niksic ‘24

It was a great day at Brother Rice on March 22. There were 50+ alums who came out for Career Day, either in person or online.

Many of the Rice students were interested in various career options from those that don’t need a college degree, like joining the pipefitters union or the military, to others that require more schooling, such as becoming a pilot for an airline, a cardiac surgeon, or a lawyer.

Senior Joquan Turner said, “Career Day is one of my favorite days at school because I still don’t know what I’m doing after graduation, so to see all these jobs and career paths these alums have really opened up my mind.”

It truly shows how successful the men of Brother Rice are after they leave this school. Many go on to live very successful lives and find jobs they love doing for a living. This all started with their decision to come to Brother Rice.

It shows by the amount of alums who took time out of their day, even some who came from out of state, to be here at Rice to talk about what they do and how they did it. There wasn’t one alum I saw who didn’t have a smile on his face.

Ian O’Malley, Class of 2002, said, “It’s been forever since I walked these halls. It was great to be back, and I loved seeing some of my old friends in the building. I had a blast telling classes about what I do and plan on being back next year. Go Crusaders!”

All the alums were glad to be back in the building; for some it was their first time back since graduating. I loved watching them walk around the walls, seeing the lunchroom, the gym, and chatting it up with some of their old teachers. Brother Rice is a brotherhood, and it definitely showed on this day that the brotherhood doesn’t just die after you graduate, but it lives on forever.

See below for more pictures and interviews with attorney Tino Ochoa‘96 and junior Jaden Zachary.