By George Raphael-McElroy ‘23

Brother Rice hosted over 20 different Catholic colleges where juniors were able to get information about the schools. Some of the schools that attended were Quincy University, Loras College, Marquette University, and many more.

Junior Tyler Wojcik said, “Even though I have time to choose where I want to go, it was still nice to get some ideas and to talk with some great colleges.”

Usually when talking about colleges, the religion factor seems to be ignored and you do not really think about it. Having a Catholic college fair for our students is such an advantage for these young men who might not have originally been thinking about continuing their cCatholic education.

Junior Marc Perez said, “This really helped me start thinking about colleges, especially Catholic colleges since my faith is important to me.”

When most people graduate from high school, they tend to start to stray away from the church and their faith. It is not always because they do not want to be associated with it; most of the time, it is just because they are busy, and when they get to college, their workloads grow exponentially.

Junior Hunter Tempel said, “Having these colleges come and talk with us really puts us ahead of the college process and gets us to really think about where we want to spend our next four years.”

There are several benefits of attending a catholic college. Hopefully, some of these schools that came and talked with our men are now on the top of their lists of schools to attend after Brother Rice.