By Mateo Perez ‘23

Wait. We can take classes at McAuley? Yes, we can!

Mother McAuley allows Brother Rice students to take some classes at their school. Yet, many students from Rice aren’t aware of this opportunity. However, it isn’t just any class. McAuley allows students from Rice to take, some are fine arts classes like Theater Workshop I and II at their school.

Theater Workshop gives students the option to have a concentration in tech or acting. Those who declare a technical concentration focus on stage production and design and constructing set pieces.

McAuley student Shukurah Floyd, who chose a tech concentration, said, “I really enjoy being behind the curtains and seeing all things that make a performance special. Lighting is specifically something I enjoy because I am able to watch the performance while doing the technical aspect.”

Moreover, those who choose an acting concentration focus on body and voice and how they are used to develop a character.

Excited to be taking the class, Andy Flores said, “I took Theater Workshop so that I could hone my skills as an actor and singer. I’ve been doing theater most of my life, so to be able to take a class entirely devoted to theater was too much of a good deal to pass up.”

The class offers many unique strategies and opportunities to introduce or to sharpen skills in acting, technique, voice, and crew. Such strategies include monologue scoring, practice in technique, and scene work. It’s amazing how much work, technique, and movement are put into acting, especially in this class where group work and shared experiences are emphasized.

McAuley student Madi Nunn said, “I really enjoy the scene project that we are doing because it helps me see more insight on what is put into a monologue and other aspects of technical theater.”

Overall, theater workshop is a fun and interactive class that allows for improvement and practice. Just wait and see what this talented class does on and off stage for Mother McAuley’s upcoming musical, “The Little Mermaid.”