By Robert Regan ‘23

The Brother Rice lacrosse team has a new head coach for the 2023 spring season. His name is Coach Daniel Lawler, and the sport of lacrosse is most certainly his game.

Coach Lawler has an extremely impressive background in lacrosse. He attended St. Rita High School and played lacrosse at the school for four years. He played lacrosse his whole college career at Benedictine University, where he found much success on the field. Not only did he take on the role of team captain, but he also helped the team take home an NACC state championship.

Coach Lawler’s coaching record is just as impressive as his playing record. He has coached many teams of all ages, from the grade school, high school, and college levels. He has coached a large assortment of travel teams in the state of Illinois, such as Beverly Lacrosse in the surrounding area of Brother Rice High School. This year marks Coach Lawlor’s 7th consecutive year coaching lacrosse.

Coach Lawler plans to build the school’s lacrosse program from the ground up. He hopes to implement principles and traditions that will not only strengthen the team for this year but for years to come. Coach Lawler places an emphasis on fundamentals and will work to help players grow in their stick skills, as well as in their respect for the game of lacrosse. Grit and sportsmanship are some of the traits he most values in his players.

Coach Lawler runs high energy practices and requires all players to put in maximum effort. While his practices can be rigorous, they are also highly rewarding for the team. Coach Lawler is happy to share his vast lacrosse knowledge with experienced and inexperienced players alike. He is determined to change the culture of the Brother Rice lacrosse program for the better.

Returning players from last year are inspired by Coach Lawlor’s commitment to the program.

Sophomore Nick Scarriot said, “Coach Lawlor is a great mentor and leader to me, as well as the team.”

Junior Jack Leong said, “Coach Lawler is changing the program and he’s changing kids’ lives by bringing them opportunities and teaching them hard work, leadership, and teamwork.”

Coach Lawler is determined to lead the Brother Rice lacrosse program to victory. His goal is to make the program one of the greatest the Southside has ever seen.

Coach Lawler said, “We’re going to take this team to new heights. We’re going to change things.”