By James Bowes ‘24

A couple weeks ago, Coach Prunckle hosted a meeting in the Forum with his soccer team. He announced that he would no longer be the head coach of the soccer team.

After his best season to date, and having a lot of junior starters returning to the team, it was very surprising to hear this news.

Coach Prunckle later sent out an email and a social media message explaining his decision. He was very happy to be the soccer coach for all these years, but would prefer to focus on the new “Mount Sion” program he founded earlier this year.

He also stated that he will be helping the school find a new coach that is fit for the job.

Junior Jimmy Gricus said, “Coach Prunckle really helped us become a great soccer team. We’re sad he won’t be our coach anymore, but we’re thankful for all he did for us.”

Junior Liam Greene said, “We had an awesome season with Coach Prunckle, so it’s surprising he’s stepping down. He taught us a lot, and I wish he would be there for my last season.”

Junior Lucas Gordon said “Coach Prunckle made a big difference for us. Even though he’s leaving, we’re grateful for everything he did, but our goals for the season remain the same.”

We appreciate Coach Prunckle’s years of commitment to the soccer program and his role in restoring the Crusader soccer team.