By Joe Scarriot ‘23

On Dec. 20, Marquette University finally released their admission decisions. I got in! I have only heard great things about Marquette which made me want to see what all the hype was about.

On a day off from school, my parents and I traveled up north to Milwaukee to visit Marquette.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by an admission counselor, received a brochure and listened to an informative presentation on Marquette. After the presentation, the counselor assigned us to a student to help guide us around campus.

The first place we visited was the Diederich College of Communication. The main attraction to Diederich is where student-led newscasts are filmed. Newscasts are filmed in the virtual studio which has a news desks, state of the art cameras, lights, and the whole room is painted green in order to create a green screen background. However, all of the magic of the newscast is made in the control room.

The control room creates a successful newscast. The control room is in charge of green screen, audio, digital effects, and lighting. Students can gain experience in media by contributing in the control room.

Then we visited St. Joan of Arc Chapel. The St. Joan of Arc Chapel was built in France and began construction in 1420; however, it has moved around for the last 600 years. In 1962 it was moved to Marquette and may be its permanent home.

When you walk into the chapel, it feels like you are traveling back in time. The chapel has not been renovated or changed since it was built. There is a tomb behind the altar that used to have a French knight inside. The most interesting aspect about the chapel was the statue of Jesus on the cross. A reflection is made with the roof that creates angel wings on the side of Jesus.

The final place we visited was Abbotsford Hall which is a residence hall. Abbotsford Hall is only for first year students. The dorm rooms in Abbotsford are made for three people to live in. Each room has its own private bathroom because all floors are co-ed.

The laundry at Marquette costs $1.50 to wash and dry. However, there is an app for all laundry rooms that informs you which washing machines and dryers are available. Our tour guide said, “On Tuesdays and Thursdays laundry costs $1.25, and usually gets very hectic and busy.”

Marquette has definitely been the most unique campus I have visited because of its location. Every other school I have visited has been in suburban towns with lots of open areas. Everyone is always on the move and trying to get from one place to another with minimal space, which can be challenging.

After visiting Marquette, I understand what all the hype is truly about. Marquette offers a high-end education to students. There is no question in my mind Marquette gives students what they need to succeed in and out of the classroom. With college decision day coming up, visiting Marquette has definitely made choosing a school much more difficult.