The Standard: College Decision Day

By Joseph Case ‘19

With college decision day, May 1, growing ever closer, many seniors have been making tuition and housing deposits for the colleges and universities they will be attending next year. As a senior who just submitted his first tuition deposit to Saint Louis University three hours before writing this article, I can speak first-hand about the stress and eagerness that comes with this time of year.

Back in the first few months of the school year, the senior class sent out hundreds of applications to the nation’s finest colleges and universities. The wait for the responses from college admission teams was nerve-racking and painfully long. To no surprise, our Crusaders not only got in, but received millions of dollars off in scholarships.

Senior Joseph Fitzgerald will be attending University of St. Thomas next year to study finance. He said, “I’m most excited about experiencing college, playing football, and earning my degree while enjoying every second along the way. I’m sad my time here is coming to an end. Although there have been some bad days, there has been far more good days. I’m thankful for every bit of my time here, and I’m going to miss the relationships I have formed here more than anything. I hope we can all stay in touch wherever life takes us.”

His concerns are shared by senior Christopher Neary, who will be attending Indiana University – Bloomington next year to study management. He said, “I am excited to explore all the new opportunities, but I am sad to leave behind all the friends I’ve made.”

Most seniors are plagued with this same hardship and it appears to be the single greatest con of college if you forget about the price tag. Luckily, our generation is more connected than ever with social media. Through things like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, our generation will never truly say goodbye. To reach out to friends from high school, we will only need to press a button. Where social media can have negative side effects on society, this is where the platforms thrive and our senior class will utilize this benefit for many years to come.

Senior Liam Coughlin will be attending Purdue University next year to study aerospace engineering. He said, “I am most excited to apply the skills I’ve learned at Brother Rice in the college environment, especially those I’ve learned in my PLTW Engineering courses. I am grateful to all the friends I’ve made here at Rice. They’ve changed my life in innumerable ways, and I can’t imagine life without them.”

Liam is a prime example of someone everyone should want to keep in contact with. Who knows what extraordinary things Liam will be doing in the future with a degree in aerospace engineering? However, this applies to every single Brother Rice senior as our foundation here at Rice has given us the ability to do great things as we continue to challenge ourselves and strive to bring our passions to life.


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