By Martin Murray ‘20

You would think that in order to get some decent strudel, drink delectable coffee, listen to customary German music, and celebrate German culture you’d have to go all the way to Berlin. You would be wrong.

The Brother Rice German Club meets at least twice a month in Room 203, where club members spend some time hanging out with friends, meeting new people, relaxing after a stressful week, and, of course, eating strudel and drinking coffee.

“The goal of German Club is to promote an understanding and appreciation of German culture,” said moderator Doctor Luxem. “We haven’t had our officer elections yet, but our plans for the year will in large part depend on how active the president and officers are.”

The name of a club meeting is Kaffeeklatsch. In English, it literally translates into coffee chat. Students from all grades and classes talk about a wide range of topics and have fun while doing so.

One of the top moments everyone seems to enjoy at Kaffeeklatsch is the Christmas party.

“My favorite part of German club is the laughs I share with my friends over strudel and coffee,” said senior four-year member Jack Eastman. “Also, one of my best experiences of Kaffeeklatsch was at the Christmas party when we ate traditional German food.“

On top of that, students have the opportunity to take a trip to Germany every other year. The latest journey occurred last year.

Senior Ryan Rice said, “I went on the German trip, and I absolutely loved every second of it. The trip positively influenced my views on German culture very much. I have so many great memories of this trip and will cherish them for the rest of my life.” Rice, who was president of the club last year, is a proud four-year member of the club.

Students who take German relish the fact that Kaffeeklatsch is a unique opportunity to test their own German language skills, teach others what they know, and maybe even pick up a skill or two on the way.

Additionally, the club is constantly seeking out new members who are looking to explore German culture, broaden their horizons, and make some new friends. Students in German class often invite students from non-German classes to join, and many of these students end up sticking around and becoming a staple of the club.

“We are always looking for more students to join the club, and I have been able to introduce people who are not actually in German class to the club, and they seem to greatly enjoy it as well,” said senior four-year member Declan Docherty.

Brother Rice prides itself on educating young men in many facets of life. The German Club aids in displaying how Brother Rice students are exposed to different cultures and customs and in forming well-rounded global citizens.